In Hong Kong, 2019

I am a PhD student at ETH Zurich with Prof. Bernd Bickel. Before moving to Zurich, I spent one year as an intern at IST Austria with Bernd, and also briefly enrolled at EPFL. I graduated from CUHK with a BSc. in Computer Science (first class honors) in 2021.

I enjoy exploring colors, shapes, structures in both physical and virtual worlds (and in their intersection). Check my resume for more information.

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I also publish under the name Liu Zhenyuan.

Directionality-Aware Design of Embroidery Patterns
Liu Zhenyuan, Michal Piovarči, Christian Hafner, Raphaël Charrondière, Bernd Bickel
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2023)
🪡 Transform images to beautiful patterns ready for an embroidery machine to sew
Worst-Case Rigidity Analysis and Optimization for Assemblies with Mechanical Joints
Zhenyuan Liu, Jingyu Hu, Hao Xu, Peng Song, Ran Zhang, Bernd Bickel, Chi-Wing Fu
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2022)
🧱 LEGO models (and more assemblies) made structurally rigid

Research Experience

Prior to the start of my PhD, I had great chances to explore various topics in computer science.

During my internship at IST Austria, I was working on an algorithm that transform images into embroidery patterns in real life via a programmable embroidery machine. The project turned into a publication at Eurographics 2023.

Starting from my final year at CUHK, I worked with Prof. Fu Chi Wing, on a digital fabrication project as my graduation project. We studied the design and optimization of the structural rigidity of assembly structures. After I graduated, I spent two months at IST extending it to a paper which got into Eurographics 2022 in the end.

I also worked on a few other short-term research projects before I stepped into the world of graphics, including computationally efficient neural networks with Prof. Anand Sarwate at Rutgers, funded by Professor Charles K. Kao Scholarship; generating adversarial samples in natural language processing with Prof. Michael Lyu; and information theory with Prof. Sidharth Jaggi.

A stylized Pink Floyd album cover using color quantization on another image.

A stylized Pink Floyd album cover using color quantization on another image.

Side Projects

I like to work on personal projects on the side, for the maximized freedom there I have to “hack”

  • Bloggraph: A Hugo theme that powers this website.
  • TimeWalk: A coding metric tracker I use everyday, extensible, private, totally local. VSCode plugin available.
  • Slurmmy: Scripts that automate slurm jobs submission, maximize your slurm cluster usage.
  • Change: The winning entry of the rendering competition of Advanced Computer Graphics 2023 at EPFL.
My best rendering (cropped) so far.

My best rendering (cropped) so far.


When I’m not scratching my head in the lab, I enjoy playing with my camera. I’ve been slowly and painstakingly organizing my photos into my photo website.

I also like playing boardgames and making cocktails (and drinking them).